New Project Error Could Not Find File 'c018i.o'

Enter the proper directory path in Project>Build Options…>Project > Directories tab. Set the Library Path to “C:\mcc18\lib”. PRESS APPLY!! c018i.o is the start-up library for MPLAB
There is no need to select the linker script to use or anything else

Error – Coff file format for 'C:\mcc18\lib/c018i.o' is out of date.

Caused after upgrading MPLAB / C18.

Look in Menu > Project > Build Options > Project > Directories tab

The only directory that typically needs to be set is "Library Search Path"

If is says


it needs to be changed to be:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\mplabc18\v#.##\lib"

Where V#.## is your current MPLAB version number, e.g. V3.42.  Pressing the "Suite Defaults" button will do this

Remove any linker scripts of library files from the project tree window if present

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