Finding the right designer for a electronic product development is obviously important.  The design work needed can range from simple printed circuit board design, to technical consulting, electronic design, PCB layout, enclosure design, manufacturing a prototype, embedded programming and technical authoring.

To get started the specification needs to be defined and a good electronic product development company will be able to help with this if needed.

As with any development process planning is essential along with sufficient time to carry out each of the design stages.  Prior to the final CAD PCB layout circuit elements will often need testing and possibly refinement using electronic prototyping techniques.  This allows the designers to carry out development to a point, but the final prototype PCB will then be required to ensure the design performs as required and without any issues such as electrical noise etc.

An electronic product may be technically great, but if it doesn’t look the part will anyone buy it?  It can be the case that a technically brilliantly product is a flop because not enough importance was placed on its style and look at the design stage and it is therefore important to consider this.

An electronic product development will usually need one or more computer devices of some type inside to control it.  This can range from a simple 8 bit micro-controller to a very powerful 16 or 32bit processor and this will need to be programmed by an embedded programmer.  Often the C language will be used for this due to its low level “power” but other languages such as Java are also often used.

The design of an electronic product is usually not carried out by the same company that will provide production manufacture.  It tends to be the case that manufacturers are great at manufacturing and design companies are great at designing, these being very different disciplines.  Therefore the electronic product development company need to ensure that the manufacture process is fully documented so that any manufacturer can take on the build and have all of the information they require, including test procedures.  At the end of a project a design company should ensure that this information is compiled and provided for manufacturer quoting and subsequent production.

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